16 May 14

Dear Sharon, Mark and SBN Team

 I wanted to write and thank you for your all help, guidance and advice in our recent transactions. 

You’ve helped us move our Partnership structure which was stretched and approaching a £10M turnover  to that of a Limited Company and you’ve provided us with the due diligence and transactional back up to pull off our first purchase of a competitor to allow for a significant step in our continuing growth.

Thinking about things, I should really be thanking you for the help over all of the years leading up to this covering every area of business financial advice from helping set up our accounts systems to giving us timely and accurate advice on matters including VAT, Personal Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and Solicitors Regulation Authority annual audits – the list could go on.

You and your people are always available, never object to having to re-explain the advice to us when we don’t get it!,  consider our ideas carefully with us and therefore add a real input into our strategic decision making.  You work with our in house financial function to help them when they’re busy or need reassurance to help us build ever better financial system.

Rest assured I shall be making a point of recommending your business to the owners of other law firms and businesses that I know.

Kind regards

James Maxey

Managing Director/Partner

Express Solicitors Limited and Ontime Group Limited



"I would like to thank Sharon for the prompt and professional way she obtained confirmation from HMRC that my mother did not have to deduct National Insurance or PAYE from payments she was making to my sister, who was providing her daily care. 


"We had received incorrect advice in the past, and once Sharon obtained the necessary confirmation, I was able to claim a refund in excess of £93,000 for the previous four years.  This has made a massive difference to my mother's finances, and we could not have done it without you!"


January 2014


When I was put in touch with Simpson Burgess Nash in connection with Carer's clearance I have been looked after from day one.  

Sharon Nash has been amazing in dealing with the Inland Revenue on my behalf. 

In the past when trying to get answers from the Inland Revenue I seemed to be chasing my tail but Sharon has taken all the stress away. Sharon has always answered any queries Iv'e had, always answered emails promptly and achieved the ultimate goal of getting a clearance for me whilst caring for a family member. 

The company has been supportive, very professional and extremely friendly. 

Besides all this I had the added bonus of a nice payment from the Inland Revenue of all the Tax & NIS that I had paid over the last five years. 


 "Many thanks for answering my question before I had even asked it !"
Oriole Goldsmith, Goldmark Trust

"Mr P said you were a genius and I did not believe him. Many thanks for your efforts, but most of all for relieving the stress through the process."
David Beddy, FMS Interior Services Limited.

"Further to our telephone conversation today I would like to offer my sincere thanks
for the excellent way in which you have resolved my tax issues. The word exemplary
is seldom used in describing service today, however in recounting the way in which
Simpson Burgess Nash have handled my affairs it can only be described as such.

My situation was of a complex tax nature – and prior to seeking your assistance I had
already approached several other ‘tax experts’, all of whom had professed to having many
years prior service with HMRC.  However I found myself having to point out to these self
professed ‘experts’ HMRC’s own tax case law of which despite their years of HMRC
service they appeared to have little or no knowledge of.

Simpson Burgess Nash were different – upon my first encounter with your company, you
knew my tax standing exactly – and even when HMRC ruled that tax was due without even
so much as looking at the documentation of which they had been provided.  Your
expertise never wavered.

The result for me has been a saving of tens of thousand of pounds in tax of which I would
have otherwise been left to pay - instead as it turns out, of having to pay nothing."